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You no longer have to worry about the management and updating of your books. We can take away that stress.


We provide a range of specialist accountancy services. We are fully committed to providing you and your business with an excellent level of service.


With over 35 years of experience, you can rest assured that your accounts are in expert hands.


Whether you are a company director, self-employed or a partner in a partnership, you are under a legal obligation to file a yearly tax return with HM Revenue & Customs. Preparing a tax return is not a simple process. It is essential that you know which tax code applies to your business and strictly adhere to a number of set guidelines and deadlines.
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Small businesses have dynamic and complex finance and accounting needs but tend to lack the resources to organise them efficiently. Engaging the services of an accountant who understands the specific challenges you face in managing finance and tax affairs will save you time and ensure you reap the financial rewards of running a small business while minimising the administrative workload.
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Keeping accurate financial records is essential to the success of every business. At Karl Jackson, we provide clients with a comprehensive business bookkeeping service that is specifically tailored to meet their individual business needs.
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When it comes to compulsory tax contributions whether it is income tax, corporation tax or VAT, you want to ensure you pay the minimum amount required by law. Keeping up to date with the latest rules, reliefs and allowances can be a challenge but it is essential to know how they apply to you so you can manage your finances in a tax efficient way.
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we are ideally situated to offer all of our accountancy services to a wide range of clientele in Blackpool, Blackburn and the surrounding areas. So, if you need peace of mind regarding your accounts, please contact us today on 01772 727 382

What Clients Say About Karl Jackson Accountancy

I met Karl through a financial advisor, about ten years ago. I needed a set of accounts before I took out a mortgage on some land. I did have a set of accounts, but the way in which they were thrown together every year always made me worry that they may not be entirely accurate. Our existing situation wasn’t working, we had a part-time book-keeper trying to cram a set of accounts in record time with only partial information to hand. And each year we dreaded that time, only managing to file a set of accounts seconds before the deadline. But then it seemed easier this way as we all dreaded the thought of laborious meetings in some formal office, a stranger in a suit firing questions at us. We’re farmers, we don’t do suits and office meetings across boardroom tables. To be honest, I didn’t want to get involved in all the technicalities, As a farmer, I just wanted to hand my books over to someone who could take them away, whilst I got on with my job. Someone who would put them in some kind of order & produce a set of accounts, at a reasonable price, and without personal criticism. I didn’t realise that there are human accountants out there, who have understanding, patience, even a sense of humour. Karl came along at the right time, as our accounts hadn’t been accurate, I knew our existing book-keeper didn’t have all the information, (because he didn’t ask all the questions.) I was very concerned, we needed someone, not just to take over from here, but to put right any errors from previous years’ figures. Karl mustn’t have had much sleep at all the first time he took away our partially completed cash book to draft up a set of accounts. Karl has a candid approach, a wicked sense of humour, and conversation is easy. I’m comfortable answering his questions as there’s no pressure, no ceremonial meeting situation, no firing one technically loaded question after another at me, I wanted to be spoken to in my language. With Karl I didn’t have to try to be officious. He wasn’t trying to tell me my job. He asked me to simply provide him with the basics, income and expenditure for the year, all the paperwork I’d shoved into files over the year, and he would do the rest. He would ask any questions during a casual conversation, so I found it easy to answer them. An afternoon once or twice a year may be written off to coffee & biscuits, and the latest conspiracy theory, but after we’d put the world to rights, we would have achievement, I felt positive, not exhausted with a head full of unknown accounting jargon (where I’d be none the wiser afterwards). Matters would be settled, figures were explained to me, and his bill wasn’t scary. Karl always has effective and valuable input to offer me for my business, not criticisms of how I’m running things, just casual suggestions & ideas, which I can take on board. I’m very thankful for Karl’s time and patience. He always has the time to visit me on site, and works around my busy schedule. I like his flexibility, and easy casual approach. Whoever said accountants were boring? Louise Mallinson

Early on I appointed a small local company to provide accountancy services but unfortunately they were not able to offer the level of support that my new start up business needed. Last year I appointed Preston based Karl Jackson Accountancy as my business accountants and I have not looked back since. Karl has got me out of trouble on a few occasions and helped to provide my statutory returns in a timely and efficient manner. The services provided so far can best be described as professional, proficient, proactive, prudent and personable. I look forward to continuing a long term relationship with Karl Jackson Accountancy and would certainly recommend him to anybody looking for good all round accountancy support. Phil 'The Spiderman' Jaggers

Managing Director, Best Webz Limited

Following a recommendation from Lee Rogerson, I contacted Karl Jackson for the purpose of completing my tax return. I found Karl friendly, professional and thorough and I would have no hesitation in using his services again. David Leeming

Fire Safety Consultant and Risk Assessor


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